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  • Registrating process

    Because we have tons of bogus users sign up we have change the registration process. Unless you verify your email address you account won’t be activated at all. If you have a questing feel free to contact us.



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  • Feedback

    Dear valued Members

    Welcome to, we like to know from our audiance how they like this website? and what else they like to see on this website? Don't forget that we are partener with and also Please send us your feedback and we make sure that we keep uploading you guys latest and greatest songs! 



      Masroor iman

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  • Welcome to

    I Masroor iman the owner of like to welcome you to this ultimate website. is own and operated by which is the parent website for

    All artists and non artists user can register to this website, where then can like and share songs from this website to their social media like Facebook, Google + or Twitter. Artists can regsiter and suggest a video which they can upload or import from any video provider like Youtube, Vimeo Hulu etc.

    Again thanks for visiting and please don't forget to become member of our both Sites.....


       Masroor iman

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